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Throughout the United States, Canada and Columbia SDH Hardware is committed to value, quality and exceptional customer service.

Shandong Double-Hill Electronic Lock Company was founded in 1986 selling low cost locks and was certified ISO9002 in 1999. Today, Double-Hill manufactures solid brass door hardware, marketing a complete line of high-end decorative hardware, which includes handle sets, knobs, levers and dead bolts for residential and light commercial applications. Electronic handle sets round out the line for the high quality hotel/motel industry. Double-Hill is the top selling hardware company in China.

Door hardware is the first thing that visitors touch and feel when entering your home. Double-Hill entry door hardware set the tone for the rest of the house. With SDH Hardware, you get the security you need without the sacrifice of style or functionality.

We. offers a wide variety of styles and finishes at a great value: Double-Hill Tubular and Mortise Handle Sets
* E-Series and MD Series Double-Hill Keyed Knob and Lever Sets
* D1100 Series Double-Hill Decorative Keyed Sets
* DK Series Double-Hill Dead Bolt Set
* DB Series Double-Hill Euro-Style Decorative Sets
* IC Smart Chips and Magnetism Cards

Look for Double-Hill products at home improvement retailers, door hardware distributors and quality homebuilders, as well as numerous websites throughout the nation.

We  is a subsidiary of the American branch established in 2015. Double-Hill products are manufactured in China. Sales Representatives are available throughout the United States with Customer Service located in the corporate office. The corporate office and large distribution center is located in ANAHEIM, California. Double-Hill - Elegance in Door Hardware.

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