DK Egg [DK10-EGG/D]
DK Egg [DK10-EGG/D] DK Egg [DK10-EGG/D] DK Egg [DK10-EGG/D] DK Egg [DK10-EGG/D] DK Egg [DK10-EGG/D]

DK Egg [DK10-EGG/D]

Brand: Global Interlok
Product Code: DK10-EGG/D
Availability: In Stock
Price: $87.00 $60.90

Available Options

* Backset:
* Door Thickness:
* Function:
* Finishes:
* Rose Option:

DK Egg Decorative Interior Knob [DK10-EGG/D]:

  • Standard Square Full Lip strike & Face Plate
  • Standard Ripple Face Rose
  • Optional T-strike & Radius Corner Face Plate available
  • Optional Square Rose and Smooth Rose available(up-charge for Sqaure Rose only when specified)
  • Standard Door thickness 1-3/4"-2"
  • Optional Thick door kit for doors up to 2-1/4" when specified
  • Schlage "C" keyway
  • Concealed Screws
  • ADA Approved
  • Backsets available in 60mm (2-3/8")or 70mm(2-3/4");
  • Finishes available: US5, US10B, US15, US15A, US19, US26, PVD

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